Sunday, October 7, 2012


When I was younger I never had any kind of interest in gardening. Now that I'm a little older and slightly more prone to senility and madness, I have found that focusing on something green makes me feel like I'm doing something right. I don't know; maybe some of the crazy is here to stay already.

Anyway, we've known for a while that we were going to have to move out of the house we are currently living in, so Jen and I have been unable to start growing veggies. We're moving soon, so as soon as we get settled in a new place, planter boxes will be gathered and potatoes will be sown.

In the meantime, I have started on herbs, since most of them can be easily maintained in pots. I've also started on a few bigger things (avocado, grenadella (passion fruit), lemon trees) that can be started in pots and then replanted.

It's nice to wake up in the morning and check on your growy-things while waiting for the jug to boil, and I've discovered that the water cupboard is a marvellous place for germinating seeds. At this stage, I have to take them out in the morning and bring them in at night to protect them from possums and snails. Once we have moved, though, I aim to get a small. portable greenhouse so they can stay outside permanently.

For the herbs, I want to grow variants used for pizza, curries and roasts. I also want to expand to include medicinal herbs such as camomile, lemon balm and valerian. My first attempt at rosemary was a fail, and my coriander stalks are way too long, making them look rather insipid. A replant is in order. Pretty pictures below.

Avocado, grown from stone

Basil (and purple basil peering out from below)


Herbs and stuffs


Small lemon tree plants, grown from fresh lemon fruit seed


Paul Mannering said...

Growing stuff from seed is always the best. We are moving in January - so I'm looking forward to a place where I can have plants again.

Lynne Jamneck said...

It's absurdly rewarding to see new plants pop up above the soil. And you'd be surprised how much you can grow without actually having to buy seeds from a nursery. I germinated passion fruit, lemon, green beans, avocado and red chili from seeds that were in things I already had in fridge or cupboard.