Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Science Is The New Religion

Seriously, I love science. I've got a giant collection of those awesome BBC docos that, god bless the Brits, they keep making. But I have started noticing a slightly ominous trend in the field in the last few months.

Science appear with increased frequency to be discussed using the same
language paradigms that have traditionally been applied to religion. It's as if some in the scientific community are taking a kind of 'if-you-can't-beat-em-join-em' approach.

Science, and the way "things really work" seems to slowly but surely be taking the
same ram-it-down-your- throat approach, reminiscent of that annoying evangelist in track pants shouting at you from across the street.

I'm posting a recent Facebook conversation. The OP is a great guy, and devout atheist.