Friday, April 10, 2015

Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror

I am thrilled to announce a fantastic line-up for the Dreams from the Witch House anthology, forthcoming from Dark Regions Press.


Shadows of the Evening by Joyce Carol Oates

Untitled (forthcoming) by Caitlin R. Kiernan

The Woman in the Hill by Tamsyn Muir

The Body Electric by Lucy Brady

The Child and the Night Gaunts by Marly Youmans

But Only Because I Love You by Molly Tanzer

Dearest Daddy by Lois H. Gresh

All Gods Great and Small by Karen Heuler

The Face of Jarry by C.L. Hellisen

Every Hole in the Earth We Will Claim As Our Own by Gemma Files

Pippa's Crayons by Christine Morgan

Eye of the Beholder by Nancy Kilpatrick

All Our Salt-bottled Hearts by Sonya Taaffe

From the Cold Dark Sea by Storm Constantine

Spore by Amanda Downum

The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward by Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette

Down at the Bottom of Everything by E.R. Knightsbridge

Mnemeros by R.A. Kaelin

Cthulhu's Mother by Kelda Crich

Daniele Serra has begun creating  artwork for the stories. My thanks to everyone who submitted stories for consideration. Watch this space for updates!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

RE. Queries for WITCH HOUSE Submissions

I've had several people contact me via my blog about whether their submissions for Dreams from the Witch House had been safely received.

As blog comments don't necessarily give me the writer's name/pseudonym, or an email address, these queries are hard for me to follow up on.

Please send all queries to: junonite AT gmail DOT COM

There are only a few submission notifications left to send out.