Friday, May 17, 2013

You May Have Heard About The The H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Project...

Well have you?

If you haven't, head on over.

They have a new stretch goal that, if achieved, will make a significant donation to the Providence Community Library, a "publicly funded system that offers childhood literacy programs at its various neighbourhood library branches. These libraries offer various free programs that promote a love of reading in young children from birth (through pre-literacy activities) and onward".

My pledge of $150 went toward acquiring the 5-volume Collected Essays, which is fast becoming a hard to get your hands on set.

Look at the pretties.

There are currently five of these sets still available as pledge rewards. In addition, sculptor Bryan Moore has made some fantastic statuettes that are also available to backers. Other rewards include a limited edition minted coin, swag, videos, more books, and other awesome Lovecraftian goodies.

The Kickstarter runs for another 15 days. So skip your coffee today (minimum pledge is only $5!) and do it for childhood literacy.