Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well, it's been a while since my last post, hasn't it. I've been busy though, and that's always a good thing because it means you can pay your rent and go out to dinner every once in a blue moon.

So, what's new. Here's some things that arrived in the mail recently.

This is what I'll be reading next. I originally ran across Jonathan Thomas' The Color Over Occam on S.T. Joshi's blog, and when I read the description knew that it was something I wanted to read. It is currently available only in hardcover as a limited edition in a 150-copy print run, but will eventually be released in paperback. Get the hardcopy, it's gorgeous, and signed by the author. Here's a taste:

"Gorman County disappeared decades ago when floodwaters rose to fill a reservoir. So why should the ghosts of drowned villages resurface only now, in a new century? And what does the reservoir have to do with the grisly deaths, disease, and disappearances stalking the benighted little town of Occam?

Amateur paranormal sleuth Jeff Slater poses these innocent questions, only to encounter hostility, intimidation, and violence wherever he turns. In this saga of Lovecraftian horror, noirish detection, and festering corruption, Slater comes to understand how little he ever knew of his hometown’s macabre history and its bizarre present..."

Something else also came in the mail - my contributor copy of the special edition of Something Wicked Magazine's first anthology. The collection features my story "Into the Black Abyss", about a group of explorers in the African jungle who are terrorised by something that sorta... folds people...

Some of the best recent short specfic by South African writers and others have been collected here by the magazine's editor, Joe Vaz, who currently stars as "Big Joe" in Dredd 3D as. Great guy, and passionate about SA specfic, Joe has produced a gorgeous anthology with stories that I cannot wait to sink my teeth into.

Joe told me about two days ago that there were only about 5 copies of the limited edition left, so if you hurry, you can still get your tentacles on a copy!


Paul Mannering said...

Great to hear that Into The Abyss was published. An excellent story!

Lynne Jamneck said...

Thanks, Paul :) I was very pleased to discover that the story actually received an honourable mention from Ellen Datlow in Best Horror of the Year #4.