Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well, I don't know if Homer would ever have said that - maybe in a parallel, holistic Simpsons universe.

I've been drying lavender lately, because frankly, it's such a handy plant that it really is a crime NOT to. My aromatherapy pillow has lost its lavender smell, but all I need are some dried petals in a bottle next to the bed and tralala! Problem solved.

The process is easy-peasy. Cut some lavender from a bush, as much as you want to dry. Yields can be pretty impressive with just a small bundle. Once you have your bundle, put it in a shoebox or something similar lined with newspaper and put it in a dry place. I put mine in the water cupboard. Works like a charm. Shake the box a little every day to help the stripping process along. After a week (or 10 days), take the box out and empty; the lavender should be dry and the buds should be slightly brittle between your fingers. If you want them drier, just chuck them back in the cupboard for a few more days.

After you've stripped the buds (and are high on essential lavender oil), let them rest for an hour or two in a dry place. Then put them in your preferred storage container. Their most basic function is to make everything smell awesome, but you can use the buds for a number of things - put it in green tea, in a bath, sachets in your closet will deter moths, it's an insect repellent, next to your bed as a sleep enhancer - the list goes on. Google is your friend.

(click pics for higher resolution)

Dried lavender left (bluish), fresh buds right (purple)
To give you an idea of yield, the bunch on the left filled the small jam jar at the bottom of this post

Dried lavender buds (blue-ish)
Stripped, dried lavender leaves
On stalk, off stalk (thanks, Mr. Miyagi)

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