Saturday, July 14, 2012

South African Specfic Anthology Needs Your Help!

So many fantastic books, comics and collections that would otherwise possibly never have seen the light of day has been made possible by YOU. That's right. We are at a point now where crowd sourcing has made it possible for readers to actively have a say in what they want to see published.

South Africa is a country that, until recently, few people associated with speculative fiction. There are always the other things people talk about when South Africa comes up in conversation.That has changed, thanks to the likes of Neill Blomkamp's District 9, and authors like Henrietta Rose-Innes, Lauren Beukes - whose fantastic Zoo City was awarded the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award - and rising star S.L. Grey.

Following in this tradition, Something Wicked Magazine, South Africa's premier market for speculative fiction readers and writers (and the only South African paying market for writers and readers of Horror and Science Fiction since 2006), has started an Indiegogo fund drive to help them with the release of their first volume of collected SA spec fiction.

SW has a week left to reach their target goal, and they have a long way to go. Editor and brains behind the magazine, actor Joe Vaz, confided in me that nothing short of a miracle will get them to their goal. Well, I say miracles happen every day, dammit. Did you know that, if you are in the US, NZ, AUS, UK or basically almost anywhere else in a developed country, your currency is worth more than the South African Rand? That means the smallest donation will mean you're actually giving more than what you think you are! WINNING! The price of a cup of coffee will make a difference; don't believe that it won't.

This is what you will be funding:

Gorgeous, yes? Everything else you want to know about, including the Perks of donating to this very worthy cause can be found on the Indiegogo page. And please help us spread the word!

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