Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dreaming in the Witch House

I received my copies of "Dreams from the Witch House" today. I am slightly in awe of the incredible job Chris Morey, Daniele Serra, and everyone at Dark Regions Press have done in bringing this book to press. Also noting that WITCH HOUSE would never have been published without the support of every single IndieGoGo backer who helped us make it a reality, whether through your financial support or spreading the word about the campaign via the web and social media. Thank you!

The interior illustrations - one for each of the twenty stories - pop off the page beautifully. Chris Morey investigated several options prior to printing to get this perfect, because the mood reflected by each image serves to accompany and complement their specific stories.

I'm extremely proud of this book. The wonderful stories, the cooperation between creative individuals and the process of working with loyal readers all came together in an exciting synergy to produce something very special.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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