Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

...and that's the last time I m going to say it, because really, once is enough.

I'm not quite sure what to expect of 2012. Last year was a bit of a banger, literally, particularly with the planet going wild on the natural front. It's been raining in Auckland for the past few days and muggy as hell, so I can't really get away from the fact that La NiƱa is going to continue being a bitch as we proceed into the future.
(CHINA and AMERICA take note)

In two months my thesis has to be finished. I'm feeling unnervingly calm about it at this stage. I've just passed the 30K mark of what needs to be a 40K document, and that's excluding the intro and conclusion. I need to tighten and firmly establish my argument however, because though I know what I'm writing about, I need to make sure others will find it illuminating rather than confusing. Ladida. Such is the nature of writing on the ambiguity of language, which inherently falls short of communicating emotional experience. Humanities - there's nothing humane about it.

[Lordie, thank you, the fireworks have stopped. Cats are both asleep, though the eldest was back chatting me earlier because I wouldn't let her out.]

So, with the thesis ending, I can finally direct all my energies at THE BOOK. It's practically all there, it just needs to be written. I have applied for a tutoring position in the first trimester at AU again, so fingers crossed. I have one or other two things up my sleeve, but don't want to let the cat(s) out the bag just yet.

Idea for a story brewing after watching a BBC doco about the 16th Century British pagans and their beliefs about fairies. You thought the old "make a witch float" theory was brutal? Meh. Fairies were where it was at, bro.

And so, let's not forget that it is finally 2012. I am apprehensively looking forward to sitting back and watching all the banana-batshit-crazy that people are going to come up with in their preparations for the end of the world. Word up, peeps, if it was going to be a black hole, we would be gone-burgers by now.

I wonder if people would have learned anything from the failed appearance of the Rapture last year. All I know is that somewhere there are Mayans sitting around a fire, LMAO.


Paul Mannering said...

I take great comfort in the fact that as we get closer to December 21st 2012 the number of complete retards in the Universe may be reduced by a small number.

Lynne Jamneck said...

Without getting too mystical about it all, I do believe that the world has entered a shift in consciousness. The Mayan prophecy dictates the end of the world "as we know it". That is, in fact, happening.