Saturday, June 11, 2011

No, I Don't Have A Flag, But Paul Aguirre-Livingston Makes Me Wish I Did

Journalist Paul Aguirre-Livingston writes an article for The Grid about what it's like to be a twenty-something "post-mo" who sneers at the traditional trappings of homosexuality and gay activism.

The Torontoist counters and responds, and causes a participant in the original article to denounce his involvement in the piece.

The Grid responds to why it decided to publish the piece.

My take? Aguirre-Livingston's piece is lame, and gives anyone reading it who is not gay a terribly warped perspective of what it's like to be gay in 2012. And I say that as a queer who doesn't march, do activism or own a rainbow. I know nothing about The Grid, but I seriously can't fathom how such a piece was deemed "good" in any way when it's clearly a personal manifesto of what it's like for Paul Aguirre-Livingston to be gay. In Toronto.

On that note, have some gay vodka.

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