Friday, May 8, 2009

And This Is Why I Don't Live In Australia

...Because towns get invaded by giant spiders...

If that wasn't enough, check out the other kinds of eight-legged beasts found in Oz.

(New Zealand has ONE spider that can cause fatalities. ONE. The Katipo, and generally, they prefer moist areas like beaches.)

If arachnids make you tremble, hold on to the table/bed you're sitting at and click at your own risk. There are no pictures with this post because I don't intend to get a heart attack each time I open my own blog, thank you.


Anonymous said...

I spent my childhood looking first before I stepped out of the door, in case there was a snake lying there. On time there was. I've had pythons behind my bbq, koalas on my driveway, redback spiders in my bedside table, red-belly blacks in garden beds, brown snakes on my verandah, huntsmen well...they're everywhere, and a bird eating tarantula in my car.

Wanna come visit?

Lynne Jamneck said...

Marianne, you make it sound so eight-leggedly appealing!!

You are obviously not arachnophobic; or you were cured of it a long time ago. I especially like: "...huntsmen well...they're everywhere..."