Monday, May 21, 2012

Periphery Anthology Re-Released

It's here! The Lambda Award shortlisted anthology of sf I edited and compiled for Lethe Press in 2008 has now been re-released by Untreed Reads in a host of e-book formats. You can buy Periphery direct from the publisher, as well as amongst others Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, Scribd, All Romance Books and DriveThru Fiction.


Periphery is as much about the female perspective of the future as it is an exploration of individual identity in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

How do we define our humanity, if not by the way we connect to others? Yet, even in the realm of the physical and the sensual, technology continues to change perspectives on what it means to be human.

Through the stories collected in Periphery, we experience the intersection between a number of possible futures, and how we will continue to discover through our fallible emotions what it means to be human.

Reviews (refers to the 2008 paperback edition):

"An exceptional collection of 14 stories of remarkable and wondrous erotic science fiction. While exploring the spectrum of human emotions, the quintessential hallmark of great storytelling, the various talented authors take the reader on a magical and sensual sojourn. A captivating and compelling reading experience awaits those who dare to venture beyond the ordinary. . . . Well worth the time to enjoy. There is something to satisfy everyone within these covers. . . . A genuine galactic jewel. . . . Offers an odyssey which will fascinate, excite, and enlighten any reader." -- Arlene Germain, Contributing editor, The Crown

Works on all three facets: as erotica, as Lesbian literature, and as science fiction. Many of the stories emphasize one or two of those facets over others, but a few manage to balance all three with thrilling results. This is also a fine sampling of work from today's prominent writers of queer and speculative fiction. . . . Fans of dystopic science fiction will be especially delighted. This would make an ideal textbook for a class on queer literature or dystopic fiction. Grab a copy before the fundies set them on fire. -- Sheela Ardrian, Reviewer, Fearless Books


Origins | Marianne de Pierres
The Voyage Out | Gwyneth Jones
They Came From Next Door | Kristyn Dunnion
Ishtartu | Lyda Morehouse
Mind Games | Tracey Shellito
The Rocky Side of the Sky | Melissa Scott
Angels Alone | Carolyn Ives Gilman
Devulban Dreams | Jean Stewart
Diplomacy | Catherine Lundoff
Silver Skin | Elspeth Potter
The Spark | Cecilia Tan
Sideways | Sharon Wachsler


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