Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today I Peed In A Cup - But Not For The Reasons You May Think

Yes, I surely did. We've been having problems with a neighborhood cat coming in the cat door at night when we are asleep. The result is that our cats go off like bezerk hellspawn and scare the bejesus out of two sleeping soon-to-be full time students. Trust me, we need all the uninterrupted rest we can get.

The little bastard is too quick; I can't get to him with water before he's heard me and is flying out the cat door again. So I did some research, and, while some say the urine-method is completely anecdotal, others swear by it. I knew someone who used to put jars of his wee out in his covered greenhouse to keep squirrels away.

Now, apparently, male urine is the best, but I just don't think asking a friend for a cup of wee is a very good idea. So tonight, I'm giving mine a go. I hope it works.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting. Hadn't heard of this method.

I know that with deer, human or dog or whatever pee does NOT work, BUT human hair does.

My dog, who we thought was toilet-trained, peed on a new organic wool pillow today.

Guess it's a big day for peeing.

BTW, I totally think if you have cat friendly (or even better, cat hating) male friends, you could totally ask them for some pee. Good cause, right?

Lynne Jamneck said...

Hair? Good to know.

Should it then be International Pee Where You want Day?

Anonymous said...

Only if you really *wanted* to pee in a cup.

And I kinda get the impression it was a better story than experience, eh?

Lynne Jamneck said...

It wasn't that bad :p