Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Weight Of Paper And Ink

I usually try and not print out chunks of what I’ve written so as not to get bogged down in edits. But Jen has been asking to read what I have so far, so yesterday I printed out 20 000 of the 30 000 words I’ve got down for book one of the Strickland Diaries.

Strangely enough, I haven’t had the urge to go sit down and read it all. Apart from making note of a few things courtesy of some crits from a fellow scribbler (inspiring red underlines and circles) I don't really feel the inclination to go and pour over it at all. Which is a good thing. Besides, I’m much to keen to figure out what happens next, and which characters jostling for attention will get the first say.

It must be said though – it feels good to hold 20 000 words in your hands.

If you missed it, Alex Strickland (of Strickland Diaries fame) has a Facebook profile.

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