Friday, August 28, 2009

2012 - Showstopper

It's getting closer and the crazies will from now on only continue to come out of the proverbial woodwork. When Jen and I went to see District 9, we saw the trailer for 2012. The first thing I thought (excluding "whoa, CG erection") was "Damn it to hell, they could have made such an interesting movie instead!" Btw, can you imagine what the streets are going to look like on December 21, 2012? On the plus side, everyone will save money on buying Christmas gifts because, you know, we won't be around.


The latest 2012 site that I managed to stumble upon is called The Institute of Human Community. This is some pretty heavy viral marketing for the Roland Emmerich film 2012, due in theaters soon. It's nifty, but it will probably spawn several "real" websites in the coming months that will endeavor to really do what the IHC proposes. Fun.

Among the fun things you can find on the ICH website include:

  • A survivor lottery (not with Jeff Probst, but come to think of it, Survivor: Armageddon has a cool ring to it)
  • An election to choose the leader of the Post-2012 World (Now you too can be The One)
  • A Subterranean city planned in Antarctica (where we will run into the Old Ones and be eaten)
What will you be doing on 21 December, 2012?

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