Monday, June 1, 2009

Smoking: Yes? No?

Have you noticed that more and more television shows and movies are slowly starting to show people smoking again? (Get the Caprica DVD-they light 'em up almost from the very beginning) This delights me, for several reasons:

  • Most important: from my writer's perspective, it highlights the character with a certain brushstroke; they do what they want, they enjoy a guilty pleasure and (maybe) they take responsibility for their actions.

  • From a social perspective: I'm so fucking sick of all this PC crap around tobacco and smoking, honestly, it drives me batshit-crazy. Governments seem intent on taking every last bit of self-control and responsibility away from people. (The better to control them with, my dear) And if you started smoking within the last 25 (really, 30) years and get cancer related to your habit, for the love of god, DO NOT sue a tobacco manufacturer. Have the balls to accept that you did it to yourself.

I'm an ex-smoker who quit about two years ago. I can still smoke a cigarette, even two when someone offers me one on a social occasion, go home and not have a craving to buy a pack from the dairy ten steps down the road. I don't even consider myself to have the best self-control in the world, but even heroin addicts have said that smoking can be harder to kick than their junk habit.

I usually rant in the privacy of my own home. What set me off this morning?


In my view, this is yet another instance of trying to hide real life from children. What are your thoughts? Should there be no display of anyone smoking anywhere or should we just chill the frak out and let kids grow up, be informed, make their own decisions, and live with the consequences?

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