Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Sneaking Up...

Well, I'm back in Welly and survived Christmas! I spent five days up in Auckland with Jen's family, and though things were pretty hectic, it was a nice distraction from thinking too much about my own family being so far away. Jen's still away until the 2nd of January, so it will be a quiet New Year for me, which suits me. Particularly since everyone seems to want to get as alcoholically pulverized as possible, and drunk people have a special place of absolute annoyance in my black little heart.


I decided to not do the double major (make up your mind, dammit!), but instead finish my BA in the first trimester of 2009, then start Honors in the second. Hip Hip Hooray! Soon I will be a postgrad :) Now, as part of that, I will be doing a research paper of approx 10 000 words and I'm already thinking about topics and how I can involve H.P. Lovecraft in it. I'm such a geek. :}

And just because I linked Auckland, I shall now link Wellington, too.

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