Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's October, And What Have I Got To show For It?

You know how you get bogged down during the year with all the mundane efforts of life and then wake up one morning when the year is near an end and think "jeez, what have I really done this year?"

That's where I'm at.

So I decided a list was in order.

  1. Completely restructured a novel; initially called The First Virtue, now provisionally titled Book One of the Strickland Diaries.
  2. Published Periphery on Valentine's day, 2008.
  3. Created a concise, full and fleshed world in which said novel takes place. Drew maps. Fun.
  4. Wrote 12 essays for six university papers (Trimester one and two).
  5. Wrote one exam in trimester one on Contemporary Fiction and a final test on Biology of Religion.
  6. Wrote a 5 000 word short story called Magique which is set within the Strickland Universe (Read excerpt HERE). Didn't plan it, just happened. Currently under submission to Strange Horizons.
  7. Finalised contracts with Enchanter Productions in Sydney for co-writing a film treatment with Marianne de Pierres.
  8. Read 23 books/novels for 3 English Papers.
  9. Holding down part time job at Victoria University of Wellington.
  10. Entered the Sunday Star Times Short Story Competition (NZ); awaiting results.
Ten outta ten ain't bad.

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